The Underwear Dare #1


Nerd vs. Bully. 

Eddie’s the biggest, meanest bully in Ms. Waverly’s fifth grade class and Josh is his favorite victim. So when Josh’s dad marries Eddie’s mom, things go from bad to worse. Escaping the bully is no longer possible now that they share a bedroom.

When Josh’s dad announces that the attic will be turned into a bedroom, Josh is thrilled. But who will get the room? The decision is left up to the boys. The boys concoct a series of disgusting and embarrassing dares to decide the fate of the prized room.

Read only if you can handle being grossed-out by popping vomit, silent but deadly farts, vibrating burps and other dares not for the faint of heart! 

Zoo'd, The Underwear Dare #2


 6th Graders vs. Primates!

Josh and Eddie are at it again when an overnight field trip to the zoo goes awry. As newly appointed Junior Zookeepers, Josh, Eddie and pals find themselves solely responsible for the well-being of the animals after a huge storm knocks out all power and communications. The gang becomes locked in a battle of wits with the Colonel, a militant monkey who has escaped during the storm. As the Colonel and his mini-monkey army wreak havoc, Josh and Eddie plot to catch them. Will the boys triumph or will they be made monkeys of?

Read only if you can handle crazy poo-slinging monkeys, giant sandwiches, zip-line adventures and exploding bubble gum! 

Camp-Off! The Underwear Dare #3


 Geeks vs. Snobs!

Josh, Eddie, and the gang are back together again. This time the fun-loving, geeky group of friends are bound for Camp Oannagopupu for the summer. All is well until they encounter a group of snobby campers who take a friendly camp competition to the extreme. Furthermore, Josh and Eddie stumble across clues that lead to a buried treasure guarded by a fabled lake monster. Will the geeks win the Camp-Off Competition and find the treasure, or will the snobs take home all the glory?

Read only if you can handle urban legends, mystery-filled donuts, bat poop, and buried treasure!



 13 Scary Stories for Tweens! 

Beware, have been warned! This short story collection includes tales of: witches, ghosts, gypsies, creatures of the night, superstitions, fortune-telling, shape-shifters, mythological creatures and magic.

A perfect read to get you in the Halloween spirit, whether in the classroom or around a roaring campfire. 

The Underwear Dare #4


Coming Soon this Holiday Season!

Join Josh and Eddie on a high seas adventure as they battle pirates to save some very special stowaways!

Read only if you can handle octosharks, maggot cheese, endangered animals, and belly-buster slides!

Four Golden Words